What we do

We support people to reach their full potential!

We Find & Fund

Give financial assistance in the form of bursaries to beneficiary students from Africa, including South Africa, with dire financial needs, with the purpose of enabling them to obtain an artisan skill or tertiary academic education.

We Provide Care

Provide, source or sponsor career counselling services and mentorship to support beneficiaries throughout their skills training or academic studies.


Partnerships are developed and maintained with communities in need and schools of proven excellence to identify potential candidates.

We Support

Businesses and individuals are approached individually and/or through marketing and fundraising initiatives in order to obtain donations to use in the pursuit of the trust’s objectives.

What we care for

Part 1

Candidates are chosen based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to: they must be in dire need of financial assistance; they must be from Africa, including South Africa, and live within the Nelson Mandela Metropole, which comprises of Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch; they must possess a valid identity document and, if applicable, a valid work permit; and they must demonstrate a positive and hard-working attitude and dedication to complete their studies or artisan training.

Application forms and supporting documents are considered by the board of trustees in order to shortlist candidates for further evaluation, which entails verifying all information provided and conducting personal interviews with shortlisted candidates prior to a final decision being made. Funds, in most instances, is paid directly to the institution concerned.

Part 2

Part 3

Career guidance is sourced or provided in order to inform beneficiary students of careers or particular artisan skills that are in high demand within the market, to assist them in making choices that will maximise their employability following completion of their studies or learning of an artisan skill. Career guidance is provided in light of beneficiaries’ preferences and the availability of specific academic study curriculums or artisan skills training programmes within the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

Mentorship is provided to beneficiaries throughout their studies or completion of artisan skills training, in which case mentorship may be provided by people in the workplace where students may be gaining practical experience, to assist them in completing their studies or trade training. In addition beneficiaries have to submit their results for evaluation on a periodic basis, which may lead to coaching sessions being provided as additional support.

Part 4